Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heading out to talk to MOS Devs in May

I have been invited to a workshop to talk about enhancements to MOS. I am dearly hoping to collect and possibly organize feedback from the user community in general. So here is what I am looking for:
1) What do you like about MOS? Ie, the things you do not want to see changed.
2) What do you not like about MOS? The more specific the better, and bonus points for suggesting an alternative.

I'll be compiling my own list in the next few days. I realize many user communities have tossed this topic around ad nauseum, so this little effort is mostly my feeble way to gather all that wonderful feedback into a small concise package that can be communicated in a very clear and distinct manner.


Joel Garry said...

Mod history of Notes. "Checked for relevance on somedate" is worse than useless, it adds truthiness without authoritativeness.

More clarity on what gets communicated from user systems, and default turn such things off, and never nag me to turn them on, and don't publish things like database usernames to world readable directories.

The search blows. Not being able to use the browser back button blows. Flash blows. Eat your own dog food!

Never knowing what kind of support person one will get lowers expectations - in a bad way.

Support people not reading uploaded descriptions doesn't help.

Support calls being bounced around or exploding into many calls doesn't help.

word: bartinge

Charles Schultz said...

Thanks, Joel. I am going to start a new thread my summaries, since RSS does not handle updates well.