Friday, June 25, 2010

Concepts Guide: 11/27 - Oracle Utilities

Wow, this chapter was hugely disappointing! I mean, it makes for a better sales pitch than technical introductions to useful features. I believe I could summarize this chapter using a pseudo-code:

products[] = getListofProducts();
foreach product in products[]
printHeader "Overview of $product"
print "$product is a powerful utility to manage your data quickly"

What is even more disappointing is that I have used all of these features/products (with the exception of the Data Pump API) and know first-hand that they are all quite useful and handy. DataPump in particular is blazingly fast at moving raw data (but amazingly slow with the subsequent ddl like indexes and stats). I mean, I could go on and say a number of excellent things about these products and the specific "things" they do, and only scratch the surface at that, and I would have surpassed what is covered in the Concepts Guide.

The one thing I did learn was that I did not realize DBID could be used to set the DBNAME. I'll have to get that a try sometime.

Woot, two chapters in one day!

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Charles Schultz said...

I did a search on adrci today and came across this horrible chapter (Chapter 11). Even worse is this comment for 11g:

"ADRCI has a rich command set, and can be used in interactive mode or within scripts."

Rich?!?!? Are they nuts?! The command set is about as rich as a slimy slug slithering through mud.

I am waiting for the day when they integrate these diagnostic tools into the OS they now own.