Thursday, May 10, 2007

service names; an old feature that has matured

Reading through Jeremy Paul Schneider's Oracle Services paper (not yet publicly available). He talks a bit about how Oracle Services has grown over the years, and the impact of services in today's 10g databases. I am convicted, caught red-handed, because I was largely clueless about the important of service names. Thankfully, we switched most of our connection strings over to service_names in the past due to peculiar connection issues, but I see that we still have a few connection strings using SID. Need to change those.

I like Jeremy's paper; good humor, easy style, combined with intelligence and well-researched ideas. One of the drawbacks to reading good papers is that it makes me feel artificially smart. *grin* I am the type of person that learns slowly from books and usually needs to reinforce everything by getting my hands dirty.

I like the references as well. Quotes from Oracle Documentation, himself, his colleague Dan Norris (who sits 20ft from him), not to mention other experts in the field like S. Kumar, J. Morle and HOTSOS (Cary?).

Jeremy posted the paper on his blog:

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