Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Before I forget

We have been dealing with a number of issues here; a whole slew of number one priorities. =) So quickly, aside from Global Campus and all that fun, here are some other things we need to dig into:

1) A solid method (I hate when people say "methodology" when they could simply say "method") to apply Oracle Critical Security Patches (aka, CPU). Just came across the Best Practice White Paper (March 2007). One of the little gems I was alerted to (thanks Job!):
You can detect potential patch conflict in advance by running the following command:
opatch apply -silent -no_bug_superset -report
The –report option detects any conflicts without applying patch.

2) Clean up the state of our Backup & Recovery policies. I am tempted to say we need to rewrite the whole thing, but I do not think it is that drastic. We probably should look into incremental backups more closely (see previous post), get more aggressive with rman-to-tape backups in light of ASM, and make sure we are all good to go on all types of Recovery.

3) The Grid cometh..... Get more comfortable with Enterprise Manager Grid Control. I referenced Logan McLeod earlier; I think he gave us a little present in terms of documentation. Maybe. But I can not talk about it.

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