Thursday, April 03, 2008

Metalink 3 coming "next year"

While communicating with an Oracle Global Customer Care employee today, I learned that Metalink 3 is coming next year. This should be interesting.

I filed 3 feedback SRs today:
  • Allow Bugs older than 14 days to be views on Headlines
  • Remove "News & Notes" from headlines
  • Correct problems with "Certify & Availability" section of Headlines

I also some outstanding requests to view more than 365 days worth of SRs, and allow some sort of hierarchies within a single CSI.

Update Thu Apr 3 15:44:03 CDT 2008
From the horse's mouth:

Faster problem resolution
- Speed problem resolution with quick access to the information you need with our new personalized dashboard
- Facilitate faster resolution with a robust knowledgebase and powerful self-service tools
- Optimize system availability with enhanced Service Request (SR) management
Extended preventative, automated support capabilities
- Receive a simple, fast, easy way to maintain your Oracle systems
- Mitigate risk with simplified configuration management solutions such as Software Configuration Manager
- Proactively prevent problems and accelerate problem resolution with automated HealthChecks and Product Alerts
Increased personalization
- Utilize increased personalization and knowledge integration via OracleMetaLink 3's new user interface for powerful information management
- Personalize your homepage content for easier access to self-service tools and configuration data
- Quickly access your Service Request history with MySRs


Paolo Marzucco said...

I just wonder if they will ever realize that the Metalink search really needs to be changed, because it's very difficult to find something you are looking for in the Knowledge Base.

The SES search returns better results, but it is also a hit or miss thing, as most of the time it goes in timeout or it returns an error...

I did send some feedback on the search, let's hope something changes.

Charles Schultz said...

Actually, that is rather funny. I have dinged them a couple times about that as well, and especially searching SRs that I own (and under my CSI). I laugh because Oracle is the *database* company, and they want to the top dog of the information market, their search algorithms really suck.

I yearn for the day when Metalink will blow us away with its functionality, speed, brilliance and user experience. The sooner the better, but I am not holding my breath.